The Inaugural
Finding Your Waterfall

May 11th-12th, 2017
Greenville, South Carolina

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Replicate Greenville's Model of Success

Greenville, South Carolina is a hotspot for growth and economic development. It's one of the most desirable cities to live, work, and own a business. At the Finding Your Waterfall Conference, discover the secret sauce behind what Greenville visionaries have done to reinvent the city.

See a timeline of Greenville's rebirth

Attend the Finding Your Waterfall Conference to know yourself better—and in doing so better understand the unique brand of your own community. Walk away with a better understanding of how your community can mirror Greenville's redevelopment success. Then use what you learn to capitalize on your own city's singular personality.

Gain Valuable Insights to Reinvent Your Own City

Greenville has earned a place on virtually every "best of" and top ten list—from Men's Journal Top Ten Best Places to Live 2016, U.S. News And World Report Best Places to Live, MarketWatch's Top 4 Best Places to Raise a Family, and Entrepreneur's Top Ten Small Cities Where Business is Thriving.

At the Finding Your Waterfall Conference, you'll find out what Greenville has done to earn its many accolades.

Listen to Greenville's Mayor share how the city's mixed-use policy ensures that downtown spaces remain vibrant 24/7.

Discover how the Swamp Rabbit Trail resulted in a $6.7 million economic impact and increased sales of businesses located near the trail by as much as 85%.

Learn strategies Greenville has used to become a top tier tourist and relocation destination.

Attend a workshop to help your visiting community team identify the core of who you are—your community's essential brand.

Tour various highlights of the Upstate including the Swamp Rabbit Trail/Travelers Rest, downtown Greenville, and affordable housing.

Get Inspired By A Waterfall

Greenville boasts a beautiful waterfall on the Reedy River flowing through town. But prior to the year 2000 buildings camouflaged it. The Garden Club suggested creating a park along the banks of the river, destroying the automobile bridge overlooking the falls, and replacing it with a pedestrian bridge. The city acted on the idea.

Today, visitors and residents can stroll over Liberty Bridge, admire the cascading water, and relax in Falls Park on The Reedy.

A Knoxville, Tennessee delegation who visited Greenville to observe its successful redevelopment efforts wrote a paper about its revitalization titled, "Finding Your Waterfall."

Like Greenville did, find your city's own waterfall at a conference where ideas will flow as abundantly as the water tumbling over the Reedy River Falls.

Network With Key Players In Other Communities

Gain inspiration from other conference attendees—mayors, city planners, arts champions, city leaders, restaurateurs, hoteliers, and others involved in the redevelopment of cities around the U.S.—during an evening cocktail reception. It's your opportunity to mingle and discover the successful redevelopment strategies of other cities.